Welcome to the WCFLCR 2017 Congress in Dublin

It is an enormous pleasure to welcome you to the website of the World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights to be held in Dublin, Ireland in 2017. The area of family law and children’s rights remain exciting, challenging and fast moving areas of legal scholarship and practice and the Congress has established itself as the leading international forum for discussion and deliberation on these issues. International co-operation and communication enable us to advance our shared understanding of the many complex issues involved here and we look forward to Dublin in 2017 providing an unrivalled environment for the Congress to advance these goals.

The World Congress was launched in Sydney Australia in 1993 and has met every four years in a variety of host countries committed to the values of international comity and systemic change. The World Congress brings together lawyers, judges, academics, politicians, non-government organisations and those social scientists who share a common concern for family and the present and future generations of children and a concern for the maintenance and protection of human rights, particularly those of children.

Further information about the World Congress, our Partners and Projects as well as the list of exceptional patrons and contributions at previous Congresses can be viewed at : www.worldcongress.co
Delegates and sponsors can be proud that their participation will result in real change. Resolutions resolved at the end of the World Congress provide impetus for action to achieve systemic change and profits are devoted to projects that support the resolutions between each World Congress.

A successful World Congress needs a dynamic local organising committee and the Board of the World Congress is proud to have partnered with the School of Law at the University of Cork (UCC) as the core Local Organising Committee. UCC School of Law is a leading venue for education and scholarship on family law and children’s rights with many academics, researchers and graduate students in these areas. On this website you will find all the information you need about the Congress including information about the programme, as it develops, and practical information about Dublin and Ireland. We will be introducing a number of new innovations to the Congress in 2017 – seeking to enhance the participation of children and young people and family law and children’s rights scholars – and we will update the website as these developments emerge.

We hope you will join us in Dublin for what promises to be an important, challenging and collaborative event.

Geoffrey Sinclair
Chair on behalf of the Board of the World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights

Ursula Kilkelly

Chair on behalf of the Irish Local Organising Committee
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